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A Concept by
Sergio Bellotti.

“Washington AC”: a song, a video and a concept by Sergio Bellotti.
Powered by A C & T global wireless electricity and unrestricted/unlimited communication.
Co-produced by Randy Norton, feat. Elan Noelle and Erika Ferrari aka #S1mon3.
The Year 2050 is already here…
"Imagine a city that's never too hot and when you wake up it's already cool..."
"When you file taxes you get a refund and if you don't spend it you must send it back..."
“I drink champagne extra-large and when half way through, it fills itself up…"
These are only few of the lines from what your experience could be when traveling to “Washington AC”… "You don't need a visa to become rich, look sexy and hot…"
“Washington AC” reminds us that the race against time to create an artificial ("way too perfect") life should never prevent us from being in a positive state of mind and live "in the moment".
The real “perfect city” is, indeed, the environment we create around us, by surrounding ourselves with greatness, simplicity and a positive attitude towards changes- while remembering our values and our history.
In “Washington AC”, things will constantly change and improve from a technological standpoint; however, the goal of S1mon3 and all of the citizens alike is to live by "dayvolution" standards; the constant search for happiness through small daily improvements, and care for the details of life.
Think large while living in the comfort zone; stay in the lane while moving forward and enjoying the ride-make your own “Washington AC” wherever you are!
It's a lifestyle; it's you- it's a beat- it's the groove of life. If you can feel it, you get it- and once you get it, you own it!

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Our Cast

The Cast of #Washingtonac.

Sergio Bellotti

Dj, Producer. Drummer, Performer, Songwriter.

Elan Noelle

Singer, Actress, Performer

Erika "S1m0n3" Ferrari

Performer,Dancer, Pole Dancer, Teacher

Randy Norton

Dj, Producer, Programmer, Movie Maker


Taken from the Film/Video clip of #WashingtonAC

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